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    useless post just saying thanks

    Ok...So this is going to sound like a very useless post...but it's just a big thank you to the people on this forum...I had typed out this enormous question (complete with all kinds of code fragments hehe) and by the time I got to the bottom and my ACTUAL question the answer was staring me RIGHT in the face the WHOLE time...SO...I understand I'll probably get bashed for sending this post because it technically doesnt relate to anything...but I figured it's a nice post in the midst of so many "I have a problem and I need YOU to fix it..." posts that never end in any thank you s or any gratitude of any kind (some of the time) I just wanted to thank the forums and the helpful people on them...Thanks a lot, Chap

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    *pats head, gives some candy*

    But seriously, it's nice to see some people respect the help some people dish out here at cboard....I'm not saying people don't, but it's still nice.

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    I remember one of my first posts some ought years back when I had just gotten my first computer and was trying to hack (with a machete) my way through writing a program for my Quake2 maps. I can't believe it now, but I was perplexed asking something along the lines of, "So I have to use quotation marks around a string but I need to put quotation marks inside the string, so how do I do it?"

    *crawls under desk and pulls hat over head*

    How embarassing, but everyone was a big help and I've been here since trying to pay it forward (unfortunately or fortunately the several board reloads have erased those awful memories).

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    hey - you're welcome... it's refreshing seeing a post like this, actually... especially with the tons of questions that have been comming down the tubes recently... just don't eat jverkoey's candy, and never be afraid to ask a question.
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