Thread: Reseting file pointer

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    Reseting file pointer

    How do I reset the file pointer to the beginning of a file?
    ifstream fin;
    // blahblah
    fin.seekg(what goes here?);
    I tried a google search, and its something like ios::beg but I couldn't get it to work.

    Thanks for the help
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    According to Google and "C++ ios rewind", it's this, according to the first hit:
    fin.seekg( ios::beg );
    The second hit says to use this:
    fin.seekg( 0, ios::beg );

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    If you have already read through the entire file in between the point in your code where you open the file and then wish to "reset the file pointer" you may be running into an issue where you need to clear any flags that may have been set (eof). Call the clear member function on the stream prior to calling the seekg member function. If you don't do this, any operations on that stream will simply not work.
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    don't forget ios is part of the standard library, so it would actually be:
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    Edit: Got it to work, reason was totally different than I had expected :P
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