Thread: What book should I buy??

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    Question What book should I buy??


    I am currently reading Sams Teach yourself C++ in 21 days...second edition.

    However, some people said it's no good and I'd better stop reading it and buy another book.

    What do you think?
    If I should get another book, what book do you recommend?

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    Pick a few likely ones, read the reviews, and try and preview them for yourself (at the bookstore / library) if you can.

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    I agree!

    I have read Sam teach yourself C++ in 10 mins .. and its actually increadably similar to the 21 day version - which I have also read .. and I learnt almost nothing useful ... however ..

    I bought "C++ in plain english" by Brian Overland and it has taught me loads and I have only read half of it so far!

    I would recommend that you spend some time in a bookshop looking at C++ books and see which ones can answer various questions you might have fastest.

    (I was trying to find out how to read and write to files which Sams doesn't even mention)

    Hope this helps!
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