Thread: Compiling problem, please help.

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    Compiling problem, please help.

    I have the following problem

    it's strange cause it's in the built in "include" files of the VC++ (2003), can u please help me out.

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    Holy HELL, that's a lot of errors.....

    ....I don't think any of us really could isolate the exact problem you're having with all those errors and warnings.

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    i don't know, i have been compiling eMule mods for a year now and not a single one gave me any errors

    here's the code, just open the solution inside the srchybrid folder and u r good to go, , and u don't have to compile the libraries in the root folder, they r linked in the end, i compiled them and got same result!
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    Look for missing commas or semicolons in the include file(s) which precede the include file with all the errors.

    Since you have so many files, you REALLY (no, I mean it, REALLY) need some kind of source control system in place (eg. CVS). It allows you to answer such basic questions like why doesn't this compile.

    With a source control tool, you can do a diff between everything which last compiled (or run) and the version which doesn't compile (or run) to help you figure out where you went wrong.
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    but i don't have a version of this mod which worked before, this is my first version of this mod to compile, all the previous didn't include the features which ask for the system include files that make all these problems.

    btw Salem, where r u from?

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