Thread: Help with Black Jack Game

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    * SOLVED* Help with Black Jack Game

    *Code Deleted For Protection*
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    Are player and computer global variables?
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    Yes both are global.

    here is a list of all my global vars

    int CStay;           //COMPUTER STAYS
    int PStay;             //PLAYER STAYS
    int Played;            //TOTAL GAMES PLAYED
    int Player;            //PLAYER TOTAL CARDS
    int Computer;         //COMPUTER TOTAL CARDS
    int Won = 0;           //GAMES WON
    int Lost = 0;          //GAMES LOST
    int Tie = 0;            //GAMES TIED
    int PAgain;           //PLAY AGAIN INPUT FROM PLAYER
    int Again = 1;      //PLAY AGAIN
    int Cont;             //CONTINUE?

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    It looks like you have a few too many calls to other functions in main(). And also, you don't need the "do" statements at all. The best thing is to have a simple WHILE loop control whether or not your program is running:

    while (Exit == false)

    ....for example. If you can contain everything in a nice while or for loop, you can avoid writing extra lines where you make calls to the same functions again and again. Also, the use of global variables is generally frowned on because ANY function can alter them, which defeats the purpose of encapsulating data and hiding it from functions that do not need to be tampering with it.

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    im pretty new to functions, this was an exercise from my book, only it wasnt in as great detail as im making it, i added many features to the game.

    ive pin pointed the problem to be (like i think you said) my int main function, where i call all the other functions. tomorrow, im going to write a new int main function on some paper, and then try that out.

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    try a structure closer to this for starters:
    int main(void)
        cout<<"PRESS ENTER TO BEGIN THE GAME\n\n";
        getch(); //WAIT FOR USER TO PRESS RETURN
        system("cls"); //CLEAR SCREEN
            NewGame(); //since it's a new game, clear card value
            FirstDeal(); //CALL FIRSTDEAL FUNCTION
                HitStay(); //HIT OR STAY?
                Check(); //CHECK FOR A WINNER
                AI();   //AI's turn (presumably)
                Check(); //check for a winner
            }while(Cont == 1);
        }while(Again == 1);
        cout<<"\n\nThank you for playing Black Jack";
        getch(); //WAIT FOR USER TO PRESS RETURN
        return(0); //Doesn't confirm anything - only a return value that can be used
                    //to confirm something
    I'm not sure if that's how you intended your logic, but I'm pretty sure that's how it is... then again I did get kinda lost in your code a few times...
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