Thread: Help With system(); command

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    Help With system(); command

    I have tryed different ways to solve this problem, but this is what I need help on.

    lets say my program has already asked for a hostname and message

    each are set with

    char hostname[50];
    char message[256];

    and each called and stored with the input with
    cin.getline ( hostname, 50, '\n' );
    and the same for message

    What I would now like to do is use the system(); command to run a NET SEND

    and in the command include
    (NET SEND hostname message) where hostname and message already have a value.

    how would I do this. I have tryed like system("NET SEND " hostname message); and different things like that but it just wont work. I hope you get what I mean, thanks ALot!

    EDIT: I am using Dev-C++
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    Use strcpy and strcat to build up a string, then pass the completed result to system()
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    Try this.
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    string hostname;
    string message;
    //and each called and stored with the input with
    getline ( cin, hostname );
    getline ( cin, message );
    string command = "NET SEND " + hostname + " " + message;

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    Thanks Swoopy, works great!

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