Thread: Calling a member function from a different file

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    Calling a member function from a different file

    Hi guys
    Im having some problem calling a member function in my main.cpp file. The class is in a header file and the member function itself is located in an addational cpp file. Im getting a linker error when I compile. I called it with classname::memberfunctio(). If anyone needs to see either of the cpp or the header file let me know. I didnt want to post I didnt need to because they are so big.


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    Well you could try telling us what the linker error is and maybe provide the applicable code - like a shorter version of main that includes the member call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdonlan
    Maybe his problem is that he's leaving off the last letter of the function

    Some code would really help, so when you get the chance post it.
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    You must include the header that has the prototype for the function and/or the class definition that the function belongs to.

    #ifndef FOO
    #define FOO
    class CFoo 
      int m_iFoo; 
         CFoo(void):m_iFoo(0) {}
         void SetFooFunc(int iNewFoo)  {m_iFoo=iNewFoo;};
    #include "CFoo.h"
    CFoo TestFoo;
    int main(void)
    • MainLoop.cpp

    Normally if you had a header file and a cpp file for CFoo you would add CFoo.cpp to the project. However in this case CFoo is completely defined as inline and so just including the header will suffice.

    This only relates to MSVC 6.
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