Thread: max double, a la INT_MAX

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    max double, a la INT_MAX

    I've been working on some projects involving prime-generation/factoring, during which I've been trying to keep close track of the numeric limits on the program. But I'm stumped on one part: is there a way to find the maximum value of the floating point types?

    It appears that limits.h only has info on integer types, and I wasn't having any luck with google.

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    float.h has FLT_MAX

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    Use <limits> instead
    #include <limits>
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    On the topic of std::numeric_limits, has anyone ever tried using min()/max() together with including windows.h? There are some stupid min/max macros there that has to be undefined for numeric_limits to work...

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    Or you #define NOMINMAX before including windows.h.
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