Thread: need a great C++ book...

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    I'll second that.
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    First Course in C++

    Hi. I recently took a first course in C++ a year or so ago (I had some prior experience).

    The professor used this book:

    Programming in C++: Lessons and Applications by Timothy D'Orazio of SF State U

    The professor told us that he thought it was a very good book. It has served me well.

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck,


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    I learned from the Wrox book "Ivor Horton's Beginning C++". I had virtually no programming experience, and I thought it was a very good book, but also quite challenging. The exercises at the end of every chapter are quite rigorous, and the answers are online. His explanations of the concepts are very thorough, and therefore the book is also a great reference when you are done. If you get through the book, you will have learned an immense amount.

    The only thing I would recommend is that you skip the section on Bitwise operators in Chapter 3. It is a short section, and nothing else in the book builds on it, so you can skip it without worry. I thought that section was way too difficult for beginners.

    I would also suggest you buy two books when trying to learn any language: one should be your primary book that you study exclusively, and the other book can be used to look up any ambiguities or questions you have in the primary book.

    Good luck.

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    I think Thinking in C++ is good. you can get it from

    can any body say some think on that book?

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    You can download Thinking In C++ FREE (legally). You do have to pay about $20 to download the solutions... even if you buy hard copies. (Last time I checked, there were solutions for the problems in volume 1 only.)

    It's a very good set (2 volumes). It was written as a beginning book for experienced C programmers. So, I usually recommend it as a 2nd C++ book.

    BTW- I second the recommendation for Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, by Jesse Liberty. It's well structured for self-study with questions and exercises at the end of each day (chapter), and answers & solutions in the back. Surprisingly, it has made a handy (but incomplete) reference book. But, I always include a WARNING - Some people hate all of the "21 days" books!

    Some good references:
    You can get the C++ language standard from ANSI (~$20 PDF, ~$300 hard copy).

    Two online references, which I believe are complete language references, are: and
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    I always liked text books the best. at my school we use "Problem Solving with C++" by Walter Savitch, it's pretty well paced and doesn't assume any previous knowledge

    p.s. I hate those 21 days books

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    I have "Sams Teach Your Self C++ in 21 days" its about 911 pages long. It is easy to understand and follow. This book doesnt go into the windows GUI much, only DOS. Windows is a little messy to work with :/.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strait
    p.s. I hate those 21 days books
    you learn to walk in 21 days so you can run in the 22nd.

    besides like others have said, they are easy to follow as they explain not only how the basic stuff in the language work but they also go through the programs explaining how things are done.
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