Thread: ME AGAIN......heheheh

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    Talking ME AGAIN......heheheh

    Thanks for that info people but I think you miss taken me,
    Im after a way of checking a float if it has a decimal point in it or not

    So I a can pass the input to the next stage!!!

    If int as decimal or else

    p.s still learning how to type

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    Ok that is a different question than what you had posted before.
    To check if a number has a decimal am I tired...
    I think you will use the '%' symbol. I will get back with you on that.....right now it is bed time, and I can not think.
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    Ok, you can easily test if a floating point variable has desimal numbers.
    if (Variable == (int)Variable)  // test if there is no desimals
    if ( !(Variable == (int)Variable) )  // test if there are desimals
    This tests if the floating point value is same as its integer conversion.
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    Read the input as a string, then use (say strchr) to look for a decimal point.

    Do what you need to do, depending on whether you find one or not.

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