Thread: VC++ 2005 Error, HELP!

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    VC++ 2005 Error, HELP!

    Im using the beta version of VC++ 2005 and I keep getting this build error, but I dont know how to fix it!

    c:\Dev-Cpp\include\stdarg.h(6) : fatal error C1021: invalid preprocessor command 'include_next'
    Build log was saved at "file://c:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Comp Prog\C++\vc++\test\Debug\BuildLog.htm"

    if it help, here is the source for stdarg.h

     * This is just an RC_INVOKED guard for the real stdarg.h
     * fixincluded in gcc system dir. One day we will delete this file.
    #ifndef RC_INVOKED
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    Copy the contents of the "Microsoft SDK\include" folder into the "Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003\include" to add the missing headers.

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    >>of VC++ 2005

    Perhaps include_next is specific to Dev-C++ or something? It's an "extension" to the language, so perhaps it simply isn't supported by VC.
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