Thread: adding new libraries?

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    adding new libraries?

    I cant seem to get borland to work, and i really hate the fact that there is no editor or anything, i love using dev c++ much more, the only problem is, it has like no libraries.

    Would I be able to update my libraries and add new ones and have them work in dev c++?

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    Sounds like its time to upgrade your compiler, since Borland is no longer updating its C++ compiler i would go and get the latest microsoft compiler i think you can still get the beta free now i havent used it but it seems allright.

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    The latest Dev will come with the standard library as well as some graphics libraries, etc.

    And yes, it is possible to add new libraries. I work on OS X, so I couldn't tell you exactly how to do it in Dev anymore, but essentially, you'll have to copy your files to the correct places, and then add a couple of paths in Dev's configuration. Also note any special instructions that come with the library, as they generally will not work unless you pay attention to these.
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