Thread: basic question to Arrays

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    basic question to Arrays

    I have a basic question to the use of Arrays (I have been searching the net for the answer without success, so now I try here...)

    Somewhere in my code I declare two arrays:

    char TagID[16];
    char tempID[16];

    Then I want to copy the CONTENT of the 2nd array into the 1st one.
    Im not sure, but I believe that
    will just make tempID refer to the same array as TagID,without copying the content.

    Is there any predefined method I can use?

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    Well for strings (char arrays containing a \0 to mark the end of the string), you use the strcpy() call.
    For arrays of any other type, use memcpy() or a loop to copy each index yourself
    for ( i = 0 ; i < N ; i++ ) b[i] = a[i];
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