Thread: how to terminate a target thread

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    how to terminate a target thread

    HI ALL,
    my main program created one pthread.which is running infinite loop.
    when i want to terminate remote thraed i used pthread_cancel .
    But some time it may not cancelling the remote thread..
    how to terminate remote thread???Anyone please help me to find
    the solution...

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    without seeing any code.. i would simply recommend setting a break; condition.. that will break out of the loop based on some criteria.
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    Unless the thread you wish to cancel has asynchronous cancellation enabled (via the appropriate flags in pthread_create or pthread_setcanceltype, the thread won't cancel until it reaches a cancellation point (assuming the cancel type is deferred - the default).

    A cancellation point is something like pthread_cond_wait, pthread_testcancel, and some other POSIX system functions..there's references with lists of cancellation points.

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