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    Question Redirecting stdoutput to buffer

    I am using Clamv as antivirus program to check for any virus infected files.
    How do I execute the command for invoking the antivirus program and interpret the results.
    System only indicates whether the command was executed successfully or not, however I need to get the results returned by Clamv.

    The command to be executed for checking the files for virus

    /usr/bin/clamdscan --disable-summary --mbox --stdout /var/tmp/filename

    and the result returned by clamv is
    /var/tmp/filename:Worm.Mydoom.M FOUND, if virus is found
    if no virus is found the result returned is
    /var/tmp/filename : ok
    I have to put this result in a variable and then manipulate the string variable to get the name of the virus returned.
    I don't want to redirect the stdoutput to a file as this will entail a lot of overhead (I have to process large amount of files at a time).
    I know that we can put the results returned into a buffer and then copy that buffer into a variable, however I am very new to C++ programming so don't know exactly how to do this.

    Would appreciate any help in this regard

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    I've never done it before myself, but with enough research I'm sure you can make it work:
    Use Pipes
    Just Google It. √

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    If you aren't using Windows (as it appears), search the boards and google for how to use popen().


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