Thread: A little string question

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    A little string question

    I’ve got this char string: “E:\Movies\X-files”
    And I want to make it to this string: “E:\Movies”
    What’s the easiest way to crop out that “\X-files” bit, please? Are there any functions to do that?

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    If you are using an actual C++ string, look into the .erase() function.

    If you are using a char* string of characters, you may need to devise your own function. The standard C library string.h contains a few functions that would be useful here, such as strncpy() and strncat(), which will return a substring and copy two strings together respectively.

    Unless you have a compelling reason to do so however, I would suggest using the C++ string class since you know the .erase() function has already been tested and probably will work better than anything you can come up with. In addition, if you need to use the string as a 'C' style array of characters, the C++ string class allows you to use mystring.c_str() which you can use in exactly the same was as if you had declared
    char* mystring;
    In either case, you will have to write the part of the function that determines what part of the string you want to remove.

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