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    Detecting return key

    I want to simplify user input of parameters to a programme by offering default values - ie if the user just presses Return the default value is assigned. The input section should be something like this:

    float sym_size;
    cout << "Input symbol size in cm (default = 0.1cm): ";
    cin >> sym_size;
    if (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
      sym_size = 0.1;
    The problems are

    1. the programme seems to hang if you just press return

    2. I don't know what to put in for the if condition to test for pressing return with no other input

    Is there a smart way of doing this?

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    You use cin.getline() to read the input into a string.

    If that line begins with a newline, then assign the default value, otherwise convert the value in the string to a float.

    string streams are a good idea here
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    I don't think you can do that with cin. I tried it and when you just hit return it still waits for user input. Now if there is a way to make cin accept just hte return key the string it returns should be either "\n\0" or "\0". So your if statement would be one of these:

    if (sym_size[0] == '\0')
    {//blank input
    if ((sym_size[0] == '\n')&&(sym_size[1] == '\0')
    {//blank input
    Alternatively you can use the getch() function which returns after a single keypress to get the input. You'll need to place it in a loop to actually get the input:

    char input[512];
    int ctr;
    for (ctr = 0; ctr < 512; ctr+)
        input[ctr] = getch();
        //getch() won't echo the character to screen
        printf("%c", input[ctr]);
        if (input[ctr] == '\n')
        {//the user hit return, stop getting characters
        if (input[ctr ] == '\b')
        {//user hit backspace, remove a character
            ctr -= 2;
    if (input[0] == '\0')
        //user didn't give a value insert the default
    You may need to clean that up a bit, but that should give you an idea how it would look.

    FYI: getch() only exists on windows (include conio.h) there is a good tutorial on the board somewhere (I seem to have lost the link) to get it to work on Linux if need be.
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    Use cin.peek() in a while loop. Here's an example..
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    	int userInput = 0;
    	cout << "Input data: ";
    	while (cin.peek() != '\n')
    		cin >> userInput;
    	if ( userInput )
    		cout << userInput;
    		while (cin.get() != '\n'); // flush stream after input //
    		cout << "Enter pressed.";
    		cin.ignore();  // flush the \n that was just pressed //
    	cin.get(); // keep console window open until enter pressed //
    	return 0;
    cin.peek() returns the next character from input without extracting it from the input stream.
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