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    Image insertion

    Hi, i have a little problem here, i am programming a (so far) text based adventure, however i feel it is necessary to upgrade and either pixel map my own images or insert images, i was wondering if any one here knows the syntax for this?
    Help would be appreciated

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    An answer which depends way too much on so much information which you've missed.
    Like which operating system and compiler are you using.
    Which graphics library would you like to use.
    Which file formats interest you.
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    you need like OpenGL n stuff to do that kinda thing and even with OpenGL you can only really open bmps

    other file formats are possible but you need to code them in which means you need to study how the file format works n stuff

    its alot more complicated than you think.

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    Basically you just need to use a grpahics library. OpenGL, SDL, and Allegro are all quite common and you'll be able to get help using them on the board (Game Programming forum). Google to find some information about them and decide which one suits you best, then go to their websites and learn how to use them!

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    --kk, thx if any one wants to know any more im using bloodshed dev c++ any fileformat is fine aslong as it works, ill try one of those graphics libarys when u get the time. Thanks again every one.


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