Thread: objects + [copy]constructors + etc

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    objects + [copy]constructors + etc

    Disclaimer: the following post is a ramble. Please feel free to comment on whatever part of it you wish

    I noticed that if I assign an enumeration variable to a fundamental type variable, it's disallowed:

    enum test{one} yo=one; int a=5; yo=a; //error
    however, if I pass an enumeration variable to a function which takes, say, an int, the type conversion is allowed and takes place. How and why does that work?

    Is that related to the case where you have a class, called for example test, and you initialize it like: test ob=5; ? Is that calling the copy constructor and converting int to type test? Is that calling the copy constructor at all? How is it different from test ob(5); ?

    thanks a bunch

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    Any time a function is called, and anything is passed by value, the copy constuctor is called. However, I don't know how it converts the enumeration, though.

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    An enum is effectively only a group of named integral constants. Conversion to int just takes the numeric value of that constant.
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