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    Multi Language projects

    In every programming class that I have taken in the .net environment, they all say that you can write programs in different langauges but none say exactly how to do it. If I wanted to do the graphics in and the code in C++ how would the project be put together? How would you make C++ function calls from the VB program? Does anyone have a project or a set of instructions that would walk me through the process. Many internet searches over the past few days have come up blank. When you search for multi language projects, I guess most people think you have two programmers that don't speak the same language instead of writing the program in different programming languages. I went to the visual studios web site, searched the web, even looked for books and have come up blank so far. Can anyone help? I did a search on the board and it returned zero results, so If this has been covered before please point out where and forgive my ignorance.

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    C++.NET is rather looked down upon, because it's a bit half-arsed and really not great (if you want C syntax in .NET go with C#, if you want C++, use C++ non-netified).

    Anyway, I think it involves writing "assemblies" (.NET terminology) and using say, an assembly you wrote in C# from your VB program..but I haven't actually used VB.NET or C# so that may be rubbish

    For non .NET, in Windows, you might just write a DLL in C++ that you use in VB6 either as a COM component or a normal ("Declare Function Lib..") DLL.

    Anyway I'm sure someone else can give you some real information.

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    >>if you want C syntax in .NET go with C#


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    Do a board search - the question has been asked several times. Also search MSDN (use google - "(search term) msdn" - it works better than MSDN search)

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