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    I am a newbie with c++ and I am looking for a free compiler.
    Could someone tell me what this means:

    {The executables compiled by Dev-C++ will need MSVCRT.DLL (comes with Windows 95 OSR 2 or higher).}

    I wouldn't want to see any program messing my windows dlls up. (not sure what dlls really are but they must be quite important)

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    It just means that in order to run the programs you write, you'll need Windows 95 OSR 2 or higher.

    It also means that anyone you give your programs to will also need Windows 95 OSR 2 or higher.

    > I wouldn't want to see any program messing my windows dlls up
    Should be OK - it just uses those files, it doesn't try to install it's own or make changes to it.
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    Aha thanks.

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    A matter of RUN TIME(Load time) Linking.

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    Free Compilers:

    There is a list of free compilers at

    I can't personally recommend one, because I use Microsoft Visual C++ ($100). But, I do recommend that you choose a popular one so you can get some help if you need it.

    Dev-C++ is popular. Lots of folks here at use it. Plus, it looks like you're trying to compile a program that was written for the Dev-C++ compiler. Using a different compiler could cause problems if the programmer used some non-standard code. Bloodshed Dev-C++ is is a full Windows IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

    Borland's free compiler is very popular too. But, it's a command-line compiler-only program.

    Note: I've used several different (mostly obscure) compilers. They have NEVER worked as-expected "out-of-the-box". It 's usually takes a few hours, or even a day to get them installed and configured, and to learn how to use them. I think it took me longer than that when I used Visual C++ for the first time. Visual C++ wanted to write a full GUI program... and it wanted to write half of the doggone code for me... I just wanted to write "Hello World"! So, don't give-up or get discouraged if it doesn't work right-away. And, ALWAYS try-out "Hello World" when you are using a compiler for the first time!
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