Thread: Displaying Data from a Nested Structure

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    Displaying Data from a Nested Structure

    I am working on a program that requires a nested structure to store a departure date (day, month, year) and have declared it as such:-

    struct departDate{
    	int day;
    	int month;
    	int year;
    struct flightDetails{
    	String flightNo;
    	String departAirport;
    	String arriveAirport;
    	departDate date;
    	String departTime;
    	int seats;
    	int reserved;
    	double price;
    const int listSize = 30;  //number of records in array
    int currentSize = 0;
    I sort of understand the concept of nested structures and how to access structure members but in my program I don't set 'departure date' values I accept user input. I am unsure on how to store the user input. All references I have checked seem to initialise values for nested structures. I would like to ask the user only to enter one 'departure date' comprising of day, month and year as opposed to entering all three seperately. I thought the following code was correct:-

    	cout<<"Enter departure date:";
    but since I am having problems displaying my records on screen (fomatting of) I cannot check if this is correct.

    I am trying to display date using:

    void displayAllRecords()
    { //print the data from the aray of records under suitable header
    	int index;
    	for(index = 0; index<currentSize; index++) 
    When I display records on screen only the day of depature date is displayed.

    Its one problem after another for us programming newbies!!

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated

    p.s. Prelude - thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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    Change the commas to insertion operators:
    It would also be a good idea to format everything nicely so that the values are separated:
    cout<< flightList[index] <<'-'
      << flightList[index].date.month <<'-'
      << flightList[index].date.year;
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