Thread: strange problem - string manipulation [fixed]

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    Red face strange problem - string manipulation [fixed]

    Alright, here's the problem. I have a simple function that takes an input string, a starting delimeter and an ending delimeter, and returns the string in between.

    std::string getBetween(std::string buffer, std::string first, std::string second)
         std::string input = buffer;
         std::string output;
         int fpos = input.find(first, 0);
         int spos = input.find(second, fpos);
         fpos += 1;
         spos -= 1;
         int length = (spos - fpos) + 1;
         std::cout<<"POS: "<<fpos<<" - "<<spos<<"\n";
         std::cout<<"INPUT: "<<input<<"\n";
         output = input.substr(fpos, length);
         std::cout<<"OUTPUT: "<<output<<"\n\n";
         return output;
    It works fine except for a particular case. This is the output I get:
    POS: 4 - 9
    INPUT: var(newvar);
    OUTPUT: newvar
    POS: 4 - 35
    INPUT: set(newvar, "testing print function");
    OUTPUT: newvar, "testing print function"
    POS: 1 - -1
    INPUT: "testing print function"
    OUTPUT: testing print function"
    POS: 6 - 11
    INPUT: print(newvar);
    OUTPUT: newvar
    POS: 0 - -2
    The problem is in the 3rd section (and the last one too, though that doesn't matter so much). I don't know why this is happening, could it be a problem with the input or is it the function itself? Any help would be appreciated.

    edit: Arghh! I think I just realised the problem within about 10 seconds of posting! I forgot to check if it was found or not!! >.<

    Alright I got it fixed, problem was I was searching for the end string starting from fpos instead of fpos+1!
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    Can you post the test driver that gives you that output, please?
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