Thread: cin.get() aint working.

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    getch( ) is a cool function.. however, it is not good practice. It is part of the non-standard <conio.h> library.. which makes it non-standard and non-portable.

    But if you are not worried about portability or compliance with C++ ISO standards, then getch( ) is quick and easy and it's pretty cool. Mainly because it saves you the trouble of trying to come up with your own version of getch( ) which would be wicked hard.
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    Lightbulb um...

    ...try adding another cin.get(); at the ent of the file (before the "}" of course) and it chould work. i think.

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    just add a cin.get(); before the }

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    oops. im new at this...

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    ... if you click on the edit button you can delete your posts...

    Try to avoid posting in threads that haven't changed in a week. The board moves fast, so you can rest assured that after a few days the problem is usually solved.

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