Thread: random access function table design?

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    random access function table design?

    I just got back to work after my semester of software engineering, and I think I learned a lot of good stuff. The only problem is that everything I learned is in python, and some things I'm not quite sure how to apply in C++.

    I need to make a function table of some kind for a controller class that I'm working on. I would like it to work like the function table in my python program (although I don't know if it's possible, at least in an easy to program manner) where the controller instance returns a function object of the type specified in the argument passed to it.

    After the function is returned by the controller, the parameters may be passed to it, like in the python code below:

    controller.get_function(foo)(arg1, arg2, ...)
    If there is some way to provide similar functionality using C++ (which I'm sure there is, I just hope it's not an enormously difficult problem to do) I'd like to continue extend this style of programming to my C++ work.

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    It's just a matter of syntax. Start here:


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    Why don't you look up function pointers, function objects, and/or functors. An array of function pointers allows you to select a given function at runtime rather than compile time and, to me, sounds similar to what you are tring to do.
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