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    Question Passing char array into function

    Hello all

    I'm somewhat new to C++ and have run into a snag passing a char array into a function. I am using the Borlans C++BuilderX

    I get this error:
    "character.h": E2277 Lvalue required in function Character::SetName(char *)

    Thanks for any help.

    Following is the source.

    class Character
        char          m_szName[30];
        int           m_iRace;
        int           m_iClass;
        Stat*         m_pStats[6];
        // The problen function
        void  SetName(char* szName) { m_szName = szName; };
        void  SetRace(int iRace)    { m_iRace = iRace; };
        void  SetClass(int iClass)  { m_iClass = iClass; };
        void  SetStats(int iStat, int iScore, int iWhich);
        char* GetRace();
        char* GetClass();
        int   GetStat(int iStat, int iWhich);

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    Unlike a char pointer, a char array's initial address cannot be modified. That is, you're are unable to change &m_szName. You could of course make m_szName a char pointer, but then your class' internal char pointer will be pointed to somewhere else, which may result in odd behavior. What you want to do here is to copy szName into m_szName with strcopy, or better yet strncpy. You might also want to try std::string.

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    Thanks for the help. I feel somewhat dumb though. Should have thought about that in the first place.

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