Thread: Internal Application specific volume control

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    Internal Application specific volume control

    I have a game that plays a set of wav files after certain events. I am wondering what I need to be able to add a volume slider to internally modulate the volume without affecting system volumes.

    I am using Dx. If you need additional information please ask and I'll let you know.

    The purpose behind it is to be able to play other music, voice chat, etc, without being overshadowed by the activity in the game.



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    *Request to have this thread moved to the game programming forum...

    You may have better luck there.


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    Well I know nothing about how to do this but if you do know how to change the system volume couldn't you just hold that volume level and then at the end of you program restore that value

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    I believe the problem is making the game quiter so that other sounds aren't drowned out, during execution of the program.
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    Doesn't the game have an options page where you can control it's own volume?

    Failing that, just re-encode all it's audio files to be quieter than normal
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    Perhaps I haven't explained it fully. And I didn't notice that there was a gaming forum, I will more than likely repost.

    The game is being built by me, not a third party. Therefore I cannot just 'go to an options page' because I would have to make said options page.

    Forget that it's a game. The idea is to allow a user to modulate volumes played through the program from wav files, without affecting other volumes. There must be a codec/library set to do this... somewhere. Almost every game out there has this feature. It's just rather reclusive.

    Basically I want to buffer the incoming sound, make it quieter or louder based on the slider, and then send it on its way.


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    do a google on DirectSound or the MS MMIO API.
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    IDirectSoundBuffer8 has a method called SetVolume. That regulates the volume of a single sound - I don't think you have any choice but to store the volume level in your app and call SetVolume on every buffer you create.
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