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    Using MS Visual Studio C++

    I am using a function that I wrote which will create a string. The string will have the date & time which is preceeded by a letter that is a function arg to identify the output file type. This string is used to make the output file for the program. However, when I use this function to output two different files, the underscore is used in the first file, but on the second use, the underscore turns into a 0 (zero). This happens when I change the underscore to a random ascii character. Please view the code. I'd like to know how I can use the underscore in both filenames that are created consecutively.

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    Your attached files are missing information and are generally illegible.
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    I'm guessing that he is having some trouble with this function.
    char *OutNameTime(char *cLetter)	
    	char *cTimeFile;
    	struct tm *newtime;
        time_t long_time;
        time(&long_time);						// Get time as long integer. 
        newtime = localtime(&long_time);		// Convert to local time. 
    	char *chTime = asctime(newtime);
    	char cFileStr[17];
    	//	This is for the year
    	cFileStr[0] = chTime[20];
    	cFileStr[1] = chTime[21];
    	cFileStr[2] = chTime[22];
    	cFileStr[3] = chTime[23];
    	//	This is for the month
    	cFileStr[4] = chTime[4];
    	cFileStr[5] = chTime[5];
    	cFileStr[6] = chTime[6];
    	//	This is for the day
    	cFileStr[7] = chTime[8];
    	cFileStr[8] = chTime[9];
    	char *cUnderScore = "_";
    	cFileStr[9] = *cUnderScore;
    	//	This is for the time
    	cFileStr[10] = chTime[11];
    	cFileStr[11] = chTime[12];
    	cFileStr[12] = chTime[14];
    	cFileStr[13] = chTime[15];
    	cFileStr[14] = chTime[17];
    	cFileStr[15] = chTime[18];
    	char *cPath = "C:\\TrackerFiles/Tracker2File/";
    	cTimeFile = cPath;
    	cTimeFile[29] = *cLetter;
    	cTimeFile[30] = cFileStr[0];
    	cTimeFile[31] = cFileStr[1];
    	cTimeFile[32] = cFileStr[2];
    	cTimeFile[33] = cFileStr[3];
    	cTimeFile[34] = cFileStr[4];
    	cTimeFile[35] = cFileStr[5];
    	cTimeFile[36] = cFileStr[6];
    	cTimeFile[37] = cFileStr[7];
    	cTimeFile[38] = cFileStr[8];
    	cTimeFile[39] =	cFileStr[9];
    	cTimeFile[40] = cFileStr[10];
    	cTimeFile[41] = cFileStr[11];
    	cTimeFile[42] = cFileStr[12];
    	cTimeFile[43] = cFileStr[13];
    	cTimeFile[44] = cFileStr[14];
    	cTimeFile[45] = cFileStr[15];
    	cTimeFile[46] = NULL;

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    I can't read those files, not all of them at least, and they are not wrapped/formatted. Anyway, what happens if you...

    cFileStr[9] = '_';

    ... instead?
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    Wouldn't strftime make this much simpler?
    char *OutNameTime(char *cLetter)
       static char cTimeFile [ 47 ];
       time_t now = time(0);
       struct tm *local = localtime(&now);
       if ( local )
          strftime(cTimeFile, sizeof cTimeFile,
                   "C:\\TrackerFiles/Tracker2File/?%Y%b%d_%H%M%S", local);
          cTimeFile[29] = *cLetter;
       return cTimeFile;
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