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    Except for the thing is my mom(ya I'm 15) has problems ordering things online. I don't know why but she does.

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    Then go to Best Buy or Barnes and Noble and pick up the book.

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    Hmmmmmmm There is a book store in the mall this is small town we don't have a best buy.

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    If they don't carry it you could always ask them to order it for you. That has worked for other people before.
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    Is C++ Primer Plus a beginners book?

    Btw, I'm only 14 and I probably know 60% of the language. If I can do it at 14, you can do it at 15.

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    How can you judge the amount of the language you know?

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    >How can you judge the amount of the language you know?

    He probably means his confidence level

    Before college I use to say somethign along those lines for about 3 different languages.

    not until college was I truely able to understand a language 100% . But now I have the skill to learn on my own. So yay for college.

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    lol i can judge much i know because i JUST started. Like I've read 3 or 4 tutorials and haven't made any independent programs.

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