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    std::vector and sockets

    I'm trying to write my chat client with the ability to accept and hold connections for multiple users. However, I've hit a.. problem.

    I want to store the clients in a vector defined as 'vector <SOCKET> Sockets', so that I can use the very nice dynamic resizing to store a potentially infinate number of connections. However, this causes a problem.

    1.) How would I go about [when a socket is closed remotely] retrieving WHICH socket in the vector is no longer valid and removing it? I thought about sending dummy data and seeing if the socket returned SOCKET_ERROR, but that doesn't seem to do what I want.

    2.) If I wanted to send a message to a particular client (socket), the problem comes up again of retrieving the exact socket's value. I don't even have the /slightest/ idea of how to do this.

    Any advice on where to go from here?

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    I think that:

    1) You can use erase method of vectors.

    2) If you must remove a client because, for example, the client is no longer online, you will know since you send messages to specific clientes. "If I want to send messages to client 4567 but he no longer replyies me, then I must remove it".

    Hope that helps!

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