Thread: A few programs for you guys to check out

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    A few programs for you guys to check out

    If you guys wouldnt mind to much I would like you to check out a few programs. These are test programs and as such many features are non-existant. I havent been on the forums in a while so i apologize but been really busy anywaz here ya go.

    I have been testing creating games using 2d arrays and this is what i have come up with. There is a game called Blaster in which you move using a wasd system. In the blaster game use the 'e' key to shoot a blast. You can only shoot one at a time.

    The second game is a pacman like game, move using wasd.

    For those that dont know wasd system is this...

    up = w
    left = a
    down = s
    right = d

    Thanks for checkin these out if you do. Responses would be great. Also If you can think of other games that can be done on a 2d scale plz let me know im runnin out of ideas. I am currently writing a game like "breakout" if u have ever heard of it.

    Anywaz I need more ideas for games and suggestions for the ones I post thanks...

    ermmm it seems they dont alllow u to put zip files on the site anymore, my bad. Ill send you the source code and u can put it in and compile it.
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    no offense but the AI is suuuuuuuuuuuuuper stupid ... all it ever did in the pacman was go in circles (all of them did) and in the blaster go in a spiral...

    instead of making another game, I think you should build off on blaster and make it a lot more playable. like you could make it a real time game, instead of turn based.

    i made a game like the blaster game, but it had a smarter AI that specifically dodged you, but went in a predictable motion other than that (diagonals). it wasnt turn based either so it was pretty fun, but i never finished it cuz ... well i don really know why

    so other than that they are pretty cool ... good luck makin more games!
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    haha! pretty interesting.

    I'll suggest the typical top-down driving game for you.. your "car" or whatever is on the bottom and you have other scrolling objects come down the screen at you. You know the type, eh?

    Also, I have a challenge for you... -a separate unrelated program that explores a massive recursive function situation. I would encourage purposely attempting a scenerio which over-runs the stack.

    And too, though I certainly wont suggest anything you offer is stupid, I would encourage exploring a different overall mainloop structuring in which could easily provide a more real-time type situation..

    I challenge you to do this driving demo, but the real challenge is to NOT do it with this same design structure you were using here(because I know you can do that easily), so that you can have an interactive mainloop that's not dependent on input. And if you have any trouble at all with that, or just want to explore another topic I could show a simple multi-threaded situation using pipes to feed your input.

    Other possibilities:
    -An intro screen(maybe instructions on there)
    -Help screen
    -Pause(if you are using an active mainloop)
    -A way to exit
    -Color, Sounds

    cool apps.. nice work.

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    sry mine says source file not compiled...what do i do, I click on compile and run but nothing happened...yes im a beginner at this :P

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    You might need to add namespacing to it (thats what I had to do) and add in a few more header files, but it should compile, as for the programs, its getting there, but as a start off, its getting there, but yer, I agree, it would be better if it was realtime. A little more work, and they wouldn't be too bad. Keep at it

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    I'll suggest the typical top-down driving game for you.. your "car" or whatever is on the bottom and you have other scrolling objects come down the screen at you. You know the type, eh?
    Would doing that (creating text based graphics) require learning any graphics API?

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    Would doing that (creating text based graphics) require learning any graphics API?
    Require? -No. It can be done just like the source above where boundaries, players, and enemies are any ASCII character. Maybe like this:

    char car = '+';
    char traffic[] = {'H', '-', 'a', 'X'};
    char horz = '|';
    char vert = '-';
    char extended = '';
    The source above looks more platform independent to me, so maybe that's part of the point, - and to keep it simple like that. So, adding a graphics API is quite a step beyond the current source, even though there are libs available for that. ie. ->

    I did a program like this once for a text based game contest and got disqualified because I used DirectDraw(not to mention DirectSound), even though I only ever put text on the screen. They said I was programming in a different realm and was out of bounds... -I was hurt!

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