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    Ok, I see that part, but what I'm confused about is when you say it executes the code. I'm just curious how your code figures out what code to execute without more if/switch statements. For example with the calculator:
    void add();
    void subtract();
    void divide();
    void multiply();
    void execute(string s)
       string acceptable[4]={"add", "subtract", "divide", "multiply"};
       for (int x=0; x<4; x++)
           if (!strcmp(s, acceptable[x]))
                   //  this is where I am confused, how do you avoid using if or switch statements
                   //  here to call the appropriate function?
       cout<<"Error, invalid input!"<<endl;
    Sorry, hope we aren't hijacking this thread!
    I just remade the calculator with the switch statement. It went smoothly except for the string choice; I had declared. A message came up saying that switch declares quantity not an integer. So I just changed the string choice; to int choice; and it compiled fine. Thanks again..
    No problem, congrats!
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    Not at all. At first I thought that post was directed towards me and I was beginning to get a little worried until I read on.

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    int main()
    //right after your string decleration.. do this...
    string choice (" ");
    int first, second;

    and you dont have to use it twice... in if statments.. as first second, and then first1 and second1

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