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    Menu Creation Question(s)

    I am in the process of creating a series of menus for a program I am writing. I have the Menu_Opt field defined as:
     Char Menu_Opt[4];
    This way I can support a three character option and the necessary null end character (I believe is what they're called). I would like to be able to validate that the first character is an upper case letter and if it is not, I want to convert it to upper case. Then, I want to make sure that the two digit portion is within a certain number range. This is how I would like to validate that it is a valid option.
    My question is, should I create a structure to support the menu option, or use a substring function to extract each part, or do you have other suggestions? Either way, may ask for your advice and how I can do this?

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    It is only 3 characters...
    Menu_Opt[0] = toupper(Menu_Opt[0]);
    // Within [10..60)
    int value = atoi(Menu_Opt + 1);
    if (value < 10 || value > 59)
    You can put the validation in a function for simpler code. strtol is better than atoi, but is harder to understand. strings and stringstreams are best, you should use them instead of array strings.

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    Didn't I do exactly what you're asking in the changes I made to your program? Well as a matter of fact yes, yes I did:
      char type = std::toupper(str[0]);
      if (type == 'Q')
      else if (type == 'A') {
        // ...
      else if (type == 'Y') {
        int newCurr = std::atoi(str.substr(1).c_str());
        if (newCurr < 0 || newCurr >= NUM_CURR)
        _curr = (Currency)(newCurr - 1);
    So the variable "type" contains the first character of the input. Use isalpha(type) to check that it is an alphabetic character. And the check to insure the numeric part is within a certain range is already included.

    Yours is such a limited and specific use that creating a class/struct would be overkill.

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