using namespace std;
      HTuple TypeG, HeightG, WidthG, PbG, PgG, T, W, H;
      long d;
      HImage I2,I3;
      Image IMAGE("C:\\user\\image.tif");

      HTuple Pr= IMAGE.GetImagePointer3(&PgG,&PbG,&TypeG, &HeightG, &WidthG);
      HImage I1 = IMAGE. Decompose3(&I2,&I3);
      d= I1.GetImagePointer1(&T, &W, &H);

      wth= W[0].L();
Dear All,
I have been trying for days to figure out how to get in hold of an element of a tuple that I need for furthr calculations. I read image through GetImagePointer function and as output values I got width and height of the image (W, H, HeightG, WidthG) abot which I know by checking in Halcon that they are all tuples with only one element of the long type. The problem occurs when I want to allocate value of these tuples to a long variable. I always get return message ("HeightG (or WidthG,H,W) symbol has not been found"). I really tried everything but to no avail.
Wherein am I mistaken?
Thank you