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    these chat boards aren't very popular are they

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    there is only like 2 registered users on here

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    >even this websites tutorials don't tell me to put them
    Really. I could have sworn that all of the code examples in those tutorials accounted for the std namespace when I wrote them! But I guess you have to be slapped in the face with it right away:
    Lesson 1: The basics of C++(Printable Version)

    That namespace crap is important.

    This tutorial is for everyone; if you've never programmed before, or if you have extensive experience programming in other languages and want to expand into C++. It is for everyone who wants the feeling of accomplishment from a working program.
    Nice game though, very entertaining.

    p.s. Is our month up yet?
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    what month.

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    it's a very accurate dog simulation

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    >>these chat boards aren't very popular are they
    >>there is only like 2 registered users on here
    It's not a chat board. And there's around 12,000 registered users.

    >>what month.
    Stick around, follow the rules, put away the "it works for me so stfu" attitude, ask smart questions, and say thanks when people help you even though you sure as hell didn't deserve it, and you might find out the nice way. Otherwise, when the month is over, you'll find out the other way.

    On a lighter note, we're not really a bunch of fascist anti-newbie nazis, as I may have given you the impression of. Your posts have just irritated me somewhat.

    Welcome to the boards.
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    I think the next step.. if possible.. would be to make a similar program using women instead of man's best friend.
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    you never gave me a greeting hunter

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    >>> even this websites tutorials don't tell me to put them

    The tutorials here that use iostrem have to do something to bring, for example cout, into scope. Preceeding cout with std:: brings it into scope. Another way to do this is by using the entire namespace, a "using namespace std" line. Both will work. Right now <iostream.h> works as well, however, there will come a time when it will no longer be the case.

    The reason people are advising you to use one of the namespace methods is because they know that this is a better solution.
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