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    .dat I/O not loading variables

    Ok I tried putting in a load/save feature into my program, so I don't have to re-enter all the data over again. So I added the following functions:
    #include <iostream>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <wincon.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <fstream>
    #include "gkinfo.h"
    using namespace std;
    void savestats(student &x, course* c)
        ofstream save;"stats.dat");
        cout<<"Saving statistics...";"stats.dat");
        int i;
        /*Save variables*/
        save<<x.FNAME<<endl;    //Firstname
        save<<x.LNAME<<endl;    //Lastname
        save<<x.ID<<endl;       //Student ID
        /*Course variable save*/
        for(i=1; i<25; i++)
            save<<c[i].cGrade<<endl;        //Grade
            save<<c[i].CourseName<<endl;    //Course Name
            save<<c[i].nCurrentPoints<<endl; //Current poits in class
            save<<c[i].nMaxPoints<<endl;     //Max points you got
            save<<c[i].nHour<<endl;         //Hour of class
        save.close();   //close the file
        cout<<"Stats saved!";
    void loadstats(student &x, course* c)
        ifstream load;"stats.dat");
        cout<<"Loading statistics...";
        int j;
        /* load vars*/
        load>>x.FNAME;  //First Name
        load>>x.LNAME;  //LastName
        load>>x.ID;     //ID
        for (j=1; j<25; j++)
        cout<<"Stats opened!";
    Now the problem is, when I have it spit out the variable x.FNAME, it spits out the name of the variable I entered after I had saved. So say I had saved it when x.FNAME==BFGH. Ok, so then after saving I'll make a new name, and set x.FNAME==HGFB. Well when I load the file, x.FNAME still equals HGFB, and not BFGH like I had it saved to. I don't understand why it is doing this. I thought that the ifstream opened up for loading the variables? Does anybody know why it is doing this?

    *NOTE: Sorry for asking so many questions *

    EDIT: I'm such an idiot, I had twice, causing the error. Let that be a lesson to everybody: Don't double call
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    Wow though, thats is indeed quite undefined behavior. I'll get bashed for saying this on the C++ board, but this is precisely why I use the C standard functions for file IO.
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