Thread: restart computer?

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    restart computer?

    how can i make a dos application restart the user computer?

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    system("shutdown -s -f -t 0");
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    judging from the information you gave us, try using
    system("reboot -q");
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    system is a function included in cstdlib that simply executes the OS command given to it as a string parameter. It's usage is often advised against for a number of reasons, but considering you have specified that this is a DOS program, most of those concerns go away. Just be aware that if there is another way to do something, system should generally be avoided. In this case, feel free.

    ... and you're probably curious as to what those reasons are. Basically they're two fold:

    1) Unexpected bahavior if the program has been moved, replaced, deleted, etc...
    2) OS - dependant (this concern does not matter in this case)

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