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    ambiguous symbol

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could explain why this code won't compile. The compiler says that max is an ambiguous symbol. I just don't see where the ambiguity is.

    app.cpp(8) : error C2872: 'max' : ambiguous symbol
    could be 'app.cpp(4) : const int max'      or       'max'
    and here's the code

    const int max=100;
    class queue
    	char q[max];
    	int putter,getter;
    	int size;
    	queue(int a)
    		if (a>max) a=max;
    		if (a<=0) a=1;
    thanks for the help

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    most likely its because the compiler either has a function or macro called max. Which compiler are you using?

    Also by convention user defined global consts or user defined macros should be all caps

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    max is a standard library symbol. The other definition is getting pulled in from a #include.

    Just rename you're max to something else for now.


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    Or don't have a global std namespace import. And make you sure you #define NOMINMAX before #including windows.h.
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    im using vc++2003. thanks guys, i can easily rename it to something else

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