Thread: Saving vectors of structures problem

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    Saving vectors of structures problem

    Hey all,
    I'm new on here, and I could do with any helpful info some kind soul could provide on a working method of saving a vector of structures to a binary file.
    I'm a CS student at a University in London (England). They've not taught us anything about this, which is most annoying.

    Could I beg of anyone versed in vectors and structures to knock up a sample bit of code that would save any vector containing structures to a binary file then load it back in?
    This program I've written so far for my assesment due in next Tuesday saves and loads - but just populates the loaded data full of garbage, and it only seems to save the data when it wants to.

    I'm so going to fail this subject at this rate... yet I aced my beginner's Java subjects.

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    I am not going to give you any code so you can just rip that off! the rule is, you show code, we help.

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    Do you know the basics of file I/O, opening, reading, writing using fstream objects? Are you versed in traversing/iterating through a vector? What type of data does the struct contain that you are storing in the vector? Special consideration needs to be given if the struct contains pointers to dynamically allocated/sized data and complicates matters a little.

    Personally I would overload the insertion << and extraction >> operators for the struct involved. Internally, these would probably need to call the streams read/get and write functions. Then I would just call the copy function to both write and read the entire vector to/from the file.
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    Well you could post the code to load and save - who knows, the reason why the load fails is because you messed up the save.

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    This is a simple file I/O operation. No code, no help.

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