Thread: *.h file, function definitions.. help

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    Question *.h file, function definitions.. help

    I was told by my professor that my function prototypes should be included in my *.h file. But, do I also include the function definitions in that file, or do those go in my *.cpp file? Please help..

    Josh Stevanus

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    Function definitions go in the .cpp.

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    An example of how you potentially could have things set up in a sample project...

    #ifndef FUNC_H
    #define FUNC_H
    int func(int);
    #include "File.H"
    int func(int data)
    #include "File.H"
    int main()
        int result, val;
        result = func(val);
    Thus this sample project has 2 cpp files and 1 header file. You compile the 2 cpp files into object files and its the linkers job to combine those (typically along with some other library code) into a fully functioning executable file.
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