Thread: Printing, why oh why??..

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    Printing, why oh why??..

    Hi I have a problem wih the following programs that prits to LTP1(parallel port). It only prints letters in Caps, Numbers and #, why is this? and how can I print all Characters?

    Also is there any way to print Bold, Italics? Change font type and size?

    #include <fstream.h>
    int main() 
    ofstream print;"LPT1");
    print << "HELLO hello 12389 # {}[];'.!$^&*()\f"; //only prints out the HELLO in caps, numbers and #??
    return 0; 
    Cheers JamMan..
    I'm using Bloodsheds Dev-C++ Compiler.


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    Sorry for bumping this but, someone must know how to print from C++ as everyone must have done it. :?:

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