Thread: Fstream problem 2000 and xp

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    Fstream problem 2000 and xp

    I am having a very strange problem. I origonaly wrote this code on windows XP and it works without a hitch. When I compile the code on 2000 I get no errors and it links just fine, but the output reacts as though my ifstream objects and my ofstream objects dont exist and anything to do with them doesn't work such as loading my map from a text file. Anyone else have a similar problem or maybe a solution? Thanks in advance I'll try to reduce the code some and get the same responses. Im sure no one wants to see all 4400 lines lol.

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    How was your output used? Did you overload the output stream operator? What compilers did you use? More information is needed to help you on your problem, unless someone here happened to have the same problem.
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