Thread: Source code for B-Tree in main memory

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    Exclamation Source code for B-Tree in main memory

    I'm trying to implement a B-Tree in memory (not on secondary storage) and I'm having a lot of trouble with it.

    Does anyone know where I might find some sample source code or at least pseudo code that isn't a bunch of incomprehensible symbols?

    I'd really appreciate any help I could get on this --


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    Unfotunately I don't have anything suitable on my hard drive right now. You'll have a hard time finding what you want though, nice transparent code implementing a B-tree is very rare. Even my own implementations (on secondary storage) were works of ugliness. Aside from that my recommendation is lots of net diving and flipping through data structure books. You'll most likely end up developing your own implementation from descriptions rather than any real code.
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