Thread: Could someone help me start this, I havent the first clue.

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    Could someone help me start this, I havent the first clue.

    I have a problem, here it is.
    *** I will be using c++ in a unix enviroment with a g++ compiler. ***

    Your university runs many hundreds of courses each semester and needs to keep track of key information on each one. Among the data needed for each course would be the following:

    1. University course identification number.

    2. Department course ID and section number (for multiple sections of the same course)

    3. Number of credits for the course

    4. Days and times the course meets

    5. Room in which the course meets (building ID and room number)

    6. Maximum course enrollment

    7. Campus on which the course is held

    8. Name of the course instructor

    9. Number of students currently enrolled and the student ID of each such students

    10. Course status: open (for additional enrollment), closed, or canceled

    You must be able to change the value of each of these ten data items and, upon request, display all of this information. Initially, the values of the first seven items are known--the last three are not. Design and implement an abstract data type that can be used to model this university course entity.


    The ten items may be struct members.

    The class may have a data member of the struct type.

    You may have an array of the type of this struct that stores information about many courses.

    The class must have a consturctor, a destructor.

    Access to data members should only be through class member functions.

    Any and all help would be appreciated.


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    Seem to be pretty straight and forward instructions. What is your problem ?

    Did you read this announcement first ? It's on the top of the board and says README FIRST.

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    I am not asking anyone to do the work for me I just need some help in the right direction. I have an instructor who sucks, and so does the book. All I am asking for is a helping hand in where to begin. Nothing more nothing less. If people do not want to help that is perfectly fine with me, but I thought that is what this message board was for. Tell me if I am wrong and I will never post here again.

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    my suggestion is start small and make a simple class and get part of the project running and once you have that running add the rest of the objects. and then if your still having trouble post the code your having trouble with. (no one wants to do your homework but im sure someone will help you with it) Good Luck


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