Thread: Good books on the language?

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    Good books on the language?

    Can anyone recommend any books for newbies to C++? I'm not a total newbie, but I don't think the book in my avatar is doing a good job of anything. I'm thinking about buying this book but am concerned because it was published in 2001. Would the publishing date make a difference at all (due to all of that ANSI and ISO stuff)?


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    If your not a total newbie what exactly are you wanting to study? Pretty much any topic youcan think of has a tutorial somewhere online for free. Using google you can type in keywords such as datastructures tutorial. STL tutorial, C++ classes tutorial. Books are great as well. Free online book Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel or you can buy the hardcopy if you want. Check out your local library they usually carry a selection of computer books they might also be able to request that specific one. Or you can goto a college textbook store and look through them to see if they are worth buying. I did a search on college computer courses looking at what they use for textbooks to give me a place to start.
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