Thread: Namespace confusion.

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    Namespace confusion.

    Hello all...
    In the god old times when a few compilers supported namespaces you could put incomplete declarations in headers file, e.g.:

    class ostream;
    class someclass {
    ostream* ptr

    Now the problem is that when I try to write:

    class std::ostream;
    class someclass {
    std::ostream* ptr;

    the compiler (g++ 3.4) gives me a warning that it expects a type-name in the line with "class std::ostream;". What to do?

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    You can't declare a class like that; if you want to declare the class 'ostream' within the namespace called 'std', then you do:
    namespace std
       class ostream;
    The easiest solution is, of course, just to include the <iostream> header
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