Thread: boost::serialization + vc6

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    boost::serialization + vc6

    I have downloaded the newest version of boost (1.32). Then I tried to
    build the package with vc6. But I got problems with boost::serialization.
    It couldn't be build because vc6 can't work with boost::spritit 1.8. After
    reading the release notes I downloaded spirit 1.6.1. Afterwards I tried
    my best to configure the environment for building, exactly the way described
    in the documentation (hope so ?!). But I failed again because some
    header (apply....) are not found. Has somebody ideas what i can do
    to succeed.

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    You could get a compiler that is not more than six years old.
    The command line tools of VC++.Net 2003 are available as a free download from Microsoft. Or you could get Dev-C++, the packaged MingW GCC 3.x compiler is compatible with Spirit 1.8 as well.
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