Thread: Strassen Matrix Multiplication

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    Strassen Matrix Multiplication

    Does anyone know of a good site for explanation of the Strassen Matrix multiplication (code)? Most I searched on the web were just research paper on it.

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    Here are a list of links that may help you understand the Strassen Algorithm:

    - Stack Overflow
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    Thanks for the links. I'm writing a pseudo-code for it. I'm using a recursive method to write it (such that the operations cost is O(n^2.81) for n size matrix.

    This is basically the algorithm below. Is it coded using one recursive function that breaks each matrix by n/2? Can it be coded using an iteration of 7 counts (probably won't be a good idea though)?
    P1 = a . (g - h) r = P5 + P4 - P2 + P6

    P2 = (a + b) . h s = P1 + P2

    P3 = (c + d) . e t = P3 + P4

    P4 = d . (f - e) u = P5 + P1 - P3 + P7

    P5 = (a + d) . (e - h)

    P6 = (b - d) . (f + h)

    P7 = (a - c) . (e + g)

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