Thread: Removing an item from a linked list

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    Removing an item from a linked list

    So I'm building this linked list, with all the adding, and deleting of Nodes done in the Node class themself (managed by a List class). Now I've got the methods working to add and remove elements to the list (in this case a name that's an array of characters), but I can't quite figure out what to write for a loop to check if the string the user types is actually in the list. While the loop I have in the beginning of the method now allows me to type in any name that's not in the list without giving me errors, it now only allows the first non-dummy Node to be deleted. I'm kind of stumped, any suggestions?

    void Node::remove(char n[])    
        if(strcmp(link->name,n)!=0)   // checks to see if character asked to remove exists in the list
        if (strcmp(link->name,n)==0)
            Node *temp = new Node(n,link);
    	    link = link->link;
    	    temp->link = NULL;
    	    delete temp;
    	    temp == NULL;

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    Well link->remove(n); never happens because the two strcmp calls which precede it cover all possible cases.

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    Ah, good point, now I feel dumb, of course the 'else' won't be seen if the string asked to remove either is or isn't one in the list Problem fixed. I appreciate the help.

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