Thread: Changing Font colour for C++

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    Changing Font colour for C++

    Hey, Hopefully someone can help me, I'm a beginer to C++, I know aperence isnt required in dos based programs but I need it to suit my purpose. I use both Visual Studio .Net 2003 and Borlad C++

    Would be grateful for a reply, if you need the code I can supply it but I dont feel it is nessicary.

    Thanks Again

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    Controlling colour in the Windows console seems extremely limited. That is to say, I have no idea how cygwin does it.
    The most basic version uses SetConsoleTextAttribute, but this is not a powerful function, supporting only a few colours for foreground and background.
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    Read the FAQ.

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    If you go into the folder for boland c++, you can find a graffics demo there.. you can try to study it some and see if you figure it out. they change size, front, colors etc etc. as for the colour you asked for u can use:

    textbackground(color);  //Works after a clrscr();
    textattr(color > color);   //Works for cprintf(""); and sets the color of
     that line, or command. 
    textcolor(color);             //Works allso for cout. but you then set the
     color for the rest of the program, and you need to clrscr(); after the
     color is set.
    there are more tho.. but you can find some in the FAQ.

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